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Is dedicated employee desk space a thing of the past?

As more of your employees choose to work flexibly, is dedicated desk space now a thing of the past? It’s certainly impractical and expensive for businesses owners to retain large, unoccupied workspaces.

Research by Total Office Cost Survey has shown that in the average UK office, 30-40% of desk space is either never or hardly used. This shows the extent to which empty desks are becoming the norm.

In some cities, cost-per-seat now exceeds £5,000 per year. Vacant desk spaces could be costing your business a significant amount of money.

  • The average business wastes 36% of its office space

Did you know that the average UK office is only 64% occupied? We found a solution. Ricoh made changes to our own offices, and saved our team 48,000 hours in travel time, whilst being able to cut our footprint by 50%.

We’ve seen first-hand the impact that re-designing and modernising an office space can have. In fact, employee engagement increased by 20% after we re-imagined our workspace. Could you do the same?

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  • An innovative new solution

Finding savings can mean upsetting the balance of your business. How can you prevent a drain on resources whilst maintaining business as usual?

Ricoh has harnessed the latest sensor technology to provide insights on how workspaces are used. These observations can provide recent, objective data insights into the true use of your office space, so that a new strategic workspace can be created.

Our Workspace Transformation team have delivered change that drives cost savings of up to 40% of your current real estate budget. For a free occupancy assessment, contact one of our team.


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