• Apprenticeships: Why 2017 is the year to start hiring fresh talent.

Is your business taking advantage of Apprenticeships?

How many apprentices does your business employ? Thanks to recent changes in the law, there are more reasons than ever to hire new apprentices. Introduced in May 2017, the Apprenticeship Levy offers organisations of all sizes tax incentives for training apprentices. And why not? Apprentices bring enthusiasm, new ideas and can offer your business a fresh stream of talent to serve you in the long term.

The real question is how you should use this opportunity to benefit your business. Are you thinking both short and long-term for your resource needs? Embracing new skill sets and ideas is well and good, but don’t forget the training should continue right up to management level. Today, greater numbers of board room level executives began as apprentices. In the future, we think that number is set to rise even further.

Chris McLaughlin, Learning Specialist Manager for Ricoh UK commented,

“The Apprenticeship Levy has shifted the process of hiring, and in some quarters caused total panic. We feel enthused, and see this as a positive disruption that can really work for the business. Don’t be afraid to bring in new blood with different viewpoints and skill sets. It’s the future of your business, after all.”

The perception of apprenticeships is changing. Today, fewer individuals are put off by the threat of ‘missing out’ on University. With rising tuition fees, now is a great time to incentivise a new cohort of talent into training in a new way. For more information, or resources, you could visit the Government’s Apprenticeship website ‘Get In Go Far’ and download free resources.

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