An introduction to Ricoh Global Eco Action Month

As the environmental manager at Ricoh UK, I would like to introduce and provide an overview of Ricoh’s 12th Global Eco Action Month. Eco Action Month forms a key part of Ricoh’s approach to responsible business agenda and our environmental conservation efforts contributed significantly to us attaining 5* status in the BiTC Corporate Responsibility Index.

Earlier this year Ricoh in Japan announced that by 2050 it will use 100% green electricity. I am really proud to say that in the last six months we at Ricoh UK are now supplied by 100% electricity from renewables in our managed offices following some great forward thinking work with our Facilities and Procurement teams.

Secondly, Ricoh Japan has announced by 2050 it will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions against a 2000 baseline. We have already made some significant progress towards this in the last year. As you can see below; our actions in the past year have helped our business:

  • Decrease electricity consumption by 19.4%
  • Decrease gas consumption by 47.6%
  • Our fuel consumption has gone down by 12.3%

Eco Action Month 2017 aims to highlight some more opportunities to operate as a responsible business and minimise our environmental impact, something our customers are increasingly demanding our services and solutions assist them with.

Each week a different environmental topic will be covered and explore some areas where we call all individually make a difference.

  • Week 1 – energy consumption
  • Week 2 – resource efficiency
  • Week 3 – biodiversity
  • Week 4 – travel

Ricoh UK employees wearing greenOn Monday 5 June, to mark UN World Environment Day, Ricoh across the globe switched off illuminated marketing signs and encouraged all employees to wear items of green clothing to support the environmental campaign.

For more information on Ricoh Eco Action month, please visit the website.

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