Ricoh Supplies plant 3,000 trees in a day…

… to add to the UKs largest continuous new native woodland.

We at Ricoh Supplies recently took part in a Carbon Capture Tree Planting Day, in Heartwood Forest, Hertfordshire, A mega day of action saw more than 3,000 trees planted at a site which is set to become the UK’s biggest continuous new native woodland. The Tree Planting Day saw over 150 participants from ethically minded businesses involved on the planting of the trees to support the Carbon Capture scheme.

In my previous blog I wrote about the sustainability credentials of Ricoh Supplies and Ricoh paper. CO2 emissions from the paper purchased and used by Ricoh is compensated for by planting and conserving native woodland right here in the UK. Carbon Capture sets a new standard for CO2 mitigation, removing equivalent amounts from the atmosphere through the creation of native woodland across the country.

The scheme operates under the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme and the Government’s Woodland Carbon Code, a voluntary standard for woodland creation projects in the UK. The independent certification to this standard provides assurance and clarity about the carbon benefits of these sustainably managed woodlands. It is calculated that 25m² of native UK woodland will capture and store one tonne of CO2 and creating large areas of new native woodland, will, over time, remove hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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