3 easy mistakes to make when buying a printer for your office

Offline printers, frequent toner shortages or regular breakdowns can wreak havoc on how efficiently your business runs. That’s why every office needs a reliable Multi-Function Printer (MFP). Fixing a faulty printer can be costly in terms of time and money, so here are three common mistakes that you can avoid in future.

  • You were tempted by smaller, cheaper printers.

Companies that fall into the trap of buying several smaller printers do so because they are perceived to be less expensive. Yes, you get a printer in every room. But these are likely to be less efficient, and from a less reliable vendor.

  • You didn’t think about the toner.

You might not worry about the cost of re-fills at the point of purchase, but what about your long-term monthly outgoings? Smaller MFPs consume toner at a much faster rate and end up costing your business more.

  • You ignored the software requirements.

Smaller printers often need more frequent updates and maintenance. Choosing a brand you can trust will make software licensing and servicing easier and more reliable.

Avoid a costly printer, and download our free MFP buyers guide below.


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