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Video conferencing can be the key to unlock collaboration

Video conferencing is increasingly becoming a commonplace method for employees to communicate in the modern workplace. I believe that a significant factor in the adoption of video conferencing is the continuing evolution in the way employees work, collaborate and share information. For example, an increasingly mobile workforce and remote working is leading to some digitally advanced organisations looking to video conferencing as a means of maintaining and strengthening collaboration and engagement among groups of…

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Why it’s time to free our young professionals from a culture of ‘presenteeism’

Two years ago, the government introduced legislation to grant every employee the legal right to request flexible working. Whether defining their place of work, type of contract or even working hours, the government set the path to truly put employees in the driving seat to define their workstyle. Back then, we might have thought that working from our local coffee shop would be normal by now; emailing our colleagues from…

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Practical issues an organisation should consider before its next office move

So you’re thinking of taking your organisation down the route of flexible working. The reasons for doing so may be many and varied, but the following issues may well be at the top of the list: lower costs of office occupation attracting and retaining talent higher employee engagement level greater levels of sustainability employee wellness greater productivity So having made the decision to adopt flexible working, what are the first steps to…

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How flexible working can help you become an employer of choice

How do you become an employer of choice? And more to the point, why should you become an employer of choice? But before I answer both, let me set out the context in which I pose these questions. Technology is helping to eliminate various ‘factory’ processes – ie routine, repetitive manual tasks – from our back offices: many such repetitive and mechanical tasks have already disappeared and more will do so over time. I believe…

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Should you invest in a digital document management system?

Investing in a digital document management system may not be a topic that automatically tops the list of priorities of many management teams but its importance should not be underestimated. An effective digital document management system can play a crucial role in helping an organisation to enhance the way information is stored, accessed and shared. In today’s digitally connected world, the expectation that information will be available on demand and accessible…

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