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Whether you’re in commercial print or in house corporate print, all types of companies across the UK are harnessing Ricoh’s scale, breadth of support and excellent service levels to help build their business with confidence.

Why digital printing will complement – not kill – offset

As the printing industry continues its evolution into the digital age – some might say reinvention – one dependable constant is that there will always be ample discussion around market trends and predictions for the future. And it’s easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want to know which innovations will emerge to make our working lives easier, performances better and the companies we represent more successful? While some visions of…

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Discover how document workflow automation can enhance the way you communicate with customers

Customer communication – and in particular print-based communication – has never played a more important role in customer relationship management than it does today. Despite the widespread and continuing growth in the use of digital channels, print-based documents such as marketing materials and transactional documents including invoices and forms continue to be the cornerstone of many organisations’ print output and customer communications. However, there is also a greater recognition that…

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Three simple steps to ensure branded communications hit the mark

It’s a phenomenon we can all relate to. Coming home from a long day at work to find a mountain of leaflets, brochures, fliers and bills stuffed into our letterbox or piled unceremoniously by the front-door. Add to this the flood of unsolicited emails, texts and calls from brands and the average consumer receives nearly fifty pieces of branded communication each week, according to new research commissioned by Ricoh. With…

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Frustrated consumers have had enough of junk mail

Inundation of irrelevant communications and junk mail is pushing consumer loyalty in the UK and Ireland to breaking point according to new research, with the majority (84 per cent) ready to take action against brands. The research, commissioned by Ricoh and carried out by Coleman Parkes, examined the relationship between brand communications and customer loyalty. Irrelevant communications, both online and paper-based, are a huge bug-bear for more than two-thirds of consumers…

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How ad-blocker is disrupting online media

The proliferation of ad blocking technology has dominated discussions around the future of online media: Google Trends reveals the steady increase of online conversations around ad blocking from the summer of 2013 until a crescendo at the beginning of this year. Advertising/revenue is the financial basis for almost everything we see on the internet, from YouTube videos to industry publications. This is to be expected – with online content, as…

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