Production Printing

Whether you’re in commercial print or in house corporate print, all types of companies across the UK are harnessing Ricoh’s scale, breadth of support and excellent service levels to help build their business with confidence.

The inkjet revolution

When Ricoh launched the Ricoh Pro™ VC60000 we believed it would revolutionise the future of commercial print and open new worlds. We designed the next generation, continuous feed, inkjet technology platform for graphic arts to excel at direct mail, marketing materials and book printing. And it has. Since then clients from right around Europe have invested in this game changing technology, from Poland to the UK and from Finland to…

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Transform your marketing operations with digital asset management

The marketing department is undergoing a massive transformation. A combination of new and innovative marketing automation and analytics technologies, the continuing rapid growth and diversification of audience engagement channels such as social media, and an ever more sophisticated business and consumer audience is making marketing both one of the most exhilarating areas to work in and also one of the most frustrating. Why exhilarating? Well, that’s a relatively straightforward question…

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A scientific approach to digital paper is essential for printers

Investing in digital print means you need to be able to keep up with a fast-evolving technology and all the latest commercial developments relating to it. The importance and “game-changing” value of digital print should not be underestimated by any printer. As John Charnock explained recently in a guest blog, digital print can play an important role in helping to maintain healthy profit margins. More specifically, John Charnock’s blog examines the topic of…

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Why you need to put customer communications on the boardroom’s agenda today

The cut-throat market of today requires companies to constantly seek new ways to innovate, make cost-effective spending decisions and apply technology best suited for growth across the entire business. When it comes to customer communications, it can be tempting to take a scattered approach to attracting new customers and upselling to your current base. But how successful is this tactic? Could the answer to increasing customer spend and brand loyalty…

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Why digital printing will complement – not kill – offset

As the printing industry continues its evolution into the digital age – some might say reinvention – one dependable constant is that there will always be ample discussion around market trends and predictions for the future. And it’s easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want to know which innovations will emerge to make our working lives easier, performances better and the companies we represent more successful? While some visions of…

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