Businesses are often weighed down by their non-core activities and document heavy processes. Lighten this load and become faster and more efficient at what you do best.

Would you let your invoices take a holiday?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love a holiday! But if you run a small business, or work in finance for a large organisation, would you be happy to let your invoicing process take time off with you? I thought not. With people away and most business comparatively slow, it’s a great time to review this crucial business activity that could be much improved in many organisations. In fact, as well…

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Why postal services present the public sector with a significant opportunity for efficiency improvement and financial savings

Postal services today represent a significant area for public sector procurement managers to achieve efficiency improvements and financial savings. By strategically managing physical, digital and hybrid mail, organisations can accelerate processes and deliver a better customer experience. Last month the Postal Goods and Services Agreement was launched by the Crown Commercial Service, YPO and ESPO, to provide public sector customers with a quick and easy route for buying postal goods…

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Case Study: i-Invoicing delivers business transformation [Video]

Like many large and complex businesses, invoicing here at Ricoh UK was consuming a lot of time and resources. We were printing some 800,000 paper-based invoices and related documents, and spending around £600,000 a year on producing and mailing outbound invoices. So we decided to develop and then use our own electronic, cloud-based invoicing solution – i-Invoicing. It has delivered a fast, efficient and auditable invoicing system that improves speed of cash collection and reduces poor cash flow. As…

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Removing barriers for the uptake of E-invoicing

When the European Parliament backed the Commission’s proposal to set up a European standard for e-invoicing in public procurement during one of the last plenaries of the current term, we got one step closer to the creation of a true digital single market in Europe. Although it may not have grabbed headlines, it was a major breakthrough for millions of companies, speeding up the digital transformation of Europe’s business critical operations. There…

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How much does your filing cabinet cost you?

The Independent stated that ‘’. Now if you are one of those London offices with lines of filing cabinets or a large archive room eating up needed space you could be wasting huge amounts of money! The solution is digitalisation, and although this sounds like an enormous laborious task, it is actually a lot simpler than it sounds and benefits organisations massively. The fact is most organisations either think they…

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