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Ricoh’s Visual Communications refers to infrastructure & network applicances that empowers your knowledge business workers. Learn about interactive collaborative tools, virtual meetings and more mobile; looking for ways to still be connected anytime, anywhere

Pursuing meaningful collaboration in a changing world of work

I often think about how technology can help ensure truly meaningful collaboration and improve the effectiveness of how we work. My previous blog looked at how interactive whiteboards are evolving the face-to-face meeting. Ultimately, these devices exist to make working life easier and more productive. I believe that these desired outcomes are more important than ever – think about increasing complexities, growing demands and the rapid pace of change. Let’s…

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Beyond the conference call – how interactive whiteboards will change meetings forever

The productivity gap is a growing concern in Europe; businesses everywhere are looking for new ways to increase the per hour output of employees. But crucially, productivity requires value not just speed. Helping employees work efficiently is one thing but increasing the quality of their work is another. A key target for improvement is ‘the meeting’. Everyone knows the stress of time wasting in a poorly planned meeting. And this…

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Video conferencing can be the key to unlock collaboration

Video conferencing is increasingly becoming a commonplace method for employees to communicate in the modern workplace. I believe that a significant factor in the adoption of video conferencing is the continuing evolution in the way employees work, collaborate and share information. For example, an increasingly mobile workforce and remote working is leading to some digitally advanced organisations looking to video conferencing as a means of maintaining and strengthening collaboration and engagement among groups of…

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Three steps for SMEs to drive customer excellence through targeted communications

Exceptional customer service is the hallmark of the SME. A smaller client base often makes it much easier to know individual customers and understand their specific needs. How SMEs look to communicate with their customers should naturally be an extension of this service, a lesson which is clear in recent research sponsored by Ricoh. According to the new research, six-in-ten consumers would stop being customers of a brand if the…

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Is your organisation’s workstyle driving productivity and engagement?

Increasing employee productivity and engagement should be among the main goals of any workstyle transformation programme. At its heart, workstyle transformation comprises three key components: the empowerment of employees to work, collaborate and share information in a manner that best suits them irrespective of location or device; the management of information in an accessible way that supports the needs of the workforce, and produces real time insights that enable the…

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