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Are UK businesses equipped to deal with the ‘digital dexterity crisis’?

The ability to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex world of digital disruption presents colossal challenges to businesses and their employees. For businesses preparing to dominate the digital marketplace, improving workforce digital dexterity is now a major priority. This means creating an office culture fit for sharing ideas and skills across social, video and digital platforms. A new report called Digital Dexterity: Denied, conducted by Censuswide and sponsored by…

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Five business personas to help marketers understand the European mid-market

They say things come in threes; and the principles of effective audience engagement are no exception. In my experience, to resonate brands must do three things: Comprehensively know their audience and their characteristics Understand that audience’s business needs and challenges Identify a solution that meets their specific needs and resources It goes without saying that to build a lasting relationship with customers you need to understand the specific challenges they…

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Four reasons MSBs need to drive automation to the top of the agenda

In competitive environments, speed is crucial to success. Superstar footballers separate themselves from the rest with their ability to make controlled decisions at pace. To achieve this, they put in countless hours – and repetitions – in training to ensure that when they are on the field, their technique is automatic. Mid-sized businesses (MSBs) don’t need to spend countless hours practising to achieve the automation required to outpace their competition.…

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Three ways digitalising can make MSBs more competitive

Humans have studied space for thousands of years, but it literally took rocket science to get us there. Europe’s mid-sized businesses (MSBs) need a similar gain in technology to realise their astronomical goals. New Ricoh research into Europe’s mid-market found that sourcing and funding the right technology was one of the biggest barriers to growth. Cut off from the support offered to start-ups and expected to compete with larger enterprises,…

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Three simple strategies for the mid-market to cash in on lost revenues

What could you do with €433 billion? To start with, you could construct the entire 77,000km of the US Interstate Highway. You could even fund not just one but over one hundred missions to Mars. In fact, Poland’s entire economy generates roughly that figure – we could give the entire country a year-long holiday. So imagine a hole in your pocket leaking that amount of money. It defies belief! But new Ricoh research reveals this is actually the total…

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