Business Transformation

There’s no better time to embrace tomorrow than today. Discover how the future workplace is closer than you think.

Why European employees are hugely optimistic about 2017

There’s no question that, even by modern standards, 2016 was a year of significant change for Europe. It has left many employees wondering what the implications of all of this change will be for their organisations in 2017 and beyond. This changing landscape is being caused by: digital disruption, economic uncertainty, regulation and governmental policies, and heightened skills and talent gaps. On their own, each of these factors represents significant…

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Introducing Ricoh’s Growth through Workstyle Innovation website

Is your organisation ready for new ways of working? Are you harnessing information to drive productivity and innovation? Does your workforce have the right tools to collaborate effectively? Find the answer to these questions and more at, a business educational resource from Ricoh that aims to help organisations like yours navigate the complexities of today’s new world of work – the ever-changing technology landscape, generational issues impacting your workplace culture,…

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Artificial Intelligence in marketing – time to believe the hype

There will never be a shortage of ideas and trends claiming to be heir to the innovation throne. The word “transformational” is often bandied about as part of these conversations, but rarely does the technology in focus rise above hyperbole. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an exception. Hollywood continues to do a solid job imagining how AI will have a catastrophic impact on us mere mortals. But, back in the real…

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What will your job look like in five years’ time?

Blockchain technology is revolutionising the financial services industry, additive manufacturing is reengineering product development and the first autonomous cars are due on the road by 2020 . Technology is driving disruption at great pace – and it is also changing the way we work. Working in a world of change New Ricoh-commissioned research reveals that European employees predict digital disruption and automation to be the biggest game-changers this year. Advancements…

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In a world of change (and smiling colleagues)

I’ve always enjoyed dispelling the myth that good news doesn’t make headlines. Maybe it comes with being a marketer. Sadly, there will never be a shortage of bad news. But there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful. Allow me to focus on one in particular. Ricoh-commissioned research shows that despite being in an era of significant change, Europe’s workforce is overwhelmingly optimistic about 2017. The fact is we’re a…

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