Digital Dexterity

Are UK businesses equipped to deal with the ‘digital dexterity crisis’?

The ability to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex world of digital disruption presents colossal challenges to businesses and their employees.

For businesses preparing to dominate the digital marketplace, improving workforce digital dexterity is now a major priority. This means creating an office culture fit for sharing ideas and skills across social, video and digital platforms.

A new report called Digital Dexterity: Denied, conducted by Censuswide and sponsored by Ricoh, sheds light on the digital dexterity crisis currently facing UK businesses. Our research reveals troubling attitudes to workplace collaboration, with digital dexterity opportunities often being denied.

Report: Digital Dexterity: Denied
As well as highlighting the problems, this report puts forward a plan for ensuring organisations are fit to pursue digital dexterity as an empowerment strategy to enable growth through workstyle innovation. Read Report.

Infographic: Are UK businesses equipped to deal with the ‘digital dexterity crisis’? The statistics that point to troubling attitudes to workplace collaboration. Download Infographic.

Viewpoint: Digital Dexterity: Denied?
Ricoh UK director, Chas Moloney, on our latest research and whether a culture of ‘digital dexterity’ can truly be made possible in British businesses today. Read Article.

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