Growth through Workstyle Innovation

Introducing Ricoh’s Growth through Workstyle Innovation website

Is your organisation ready for new ways of working?
Are you harnessing information to drive productivity and innovation?
Does your workforce have the right tools to collaborate effectively?

Find the answer to these questions and more at, a business educational resource from Ricoh that aims to help organisations like yours navigate the complexities of today’s new world of work – the ever-changing technology landscape, generational issues impacting your workplace culture, and how to harness the power of information to fuel your big ideas.

Ricoh has brought together industry research, insights and views from its leading subject matter experts, along with the best of its client case studies to identify and address the opportunities and challenges ahead.

In the three themes: Changing Workforce, Information Management, and IT Infrastructure, Ricoh explores the key components of how to achieve Growth through Workstyle Innovation.

Check out today.

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