Author archives: Benoit Chatelard

Benoit is Vice President, Production Printing, Ricoh Europe

The inkjet revolution

When Ricoh launched the Ricoh Pro™ VC60000 we believed it would revolutionise the future of commercial print and open new worlds. We designed the next generation, continuous feed, inkjet technology platform for graphic arts to excel at direct mail, marketing materials and book printing. And it has. Since then clients from right around Europe have invested in this game changing technology, from Poland to the UK and from Finland to…

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How ad-blocker is disrupting online media

The proliferation of ad blocking technology has dominated discussions around the future of online media: Google Trends reveals the steady increase of online conversations around ad blocking from the summer of 2013 until a crescendo at the beginning of this year. Advertising/revenue is the financial basis for almost everything we see on the internet, from YouTube videos to industry publications. This is to be expected – with online content, as…

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